🧲 Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car Use


Why spend a lot of money on cleaning the car interior outside the spa?  Handheld mini car vacuum cleaner ensures your car is always clean!


Compact, cordless design: Compact, lightweight and handheld design allows for easy, flexible and convenient cleaning of the car or home, especially in small nooks and crannies. USB rechargeable cordless design, along with built-in 2000mAh battery makes it easy to store and carry.

Effective cleaning: This machine has strong suction and dust blowing power, capable of Wet/Dry suction with 120W motor capacity, providing strong suction force up to 6000/9000Pa. Dual-head design caters to all types of trash and provides deep cleaning. The basic version (not included in the advanced version) is equipped with a cleaning light, helping you easily detect and clean trash in poorly lit or cramped places.

Wide Application: The car vacuum cleaner serves as a multi-purpose tool for cleaning computers, laptops, pianos, houses, beds, sofas, etc. In addition, it can act as a vacuum compressor, sucking in air to keep the surrounding environment fresh, preventing moisture, damage and isolating bacteria.

The filter is easy to clean: Simply remove the filter from the machine's dust cup, rinse with water and let it dry. The filter can be soaked and washed safely.

WHITE/BLACK: 6.5*5.8*2.2IN / 165*147*55mm
 GREY:8.4*6.4*2.6IN / 213*163*67mm
 GREEN: 8.4*6.4*2.6IN / 213*163*67mm

GREY/GREEN    500g
Vacuum suction:
Ordinary fund: 6000Pa
Enhanced fund: 9000Pa
WHITE/BLACK: Basic version (Vacuum)
GREY, GREEN (Enhanced Edition🔥Vacuum + Blow Available)

1 x  Car Vacuum Cleaner