✨🔮 LED Solar Garden Hanging Decorative Light: Hot Air Balloon Shape


Light up your garden with LED Solar Garden Hanging Decorative Lights: Hot Air Balloon Shape


Unique design: This solar lantern has a unique design inspired by hot air balloons, which means hope, romance and dreams. It can bring a unique atmosphere to your garden at night.

Versatile: Whether you are picnicking, camping or decorating your garden or house, this Solar LED Light will brighten up your outdoor activities with a variety of applications.

Waterproof material: This solar lantern has a durable surface coated with an anti-rust layer, is not easy to fade, is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can use this lantern for a long time.
Smart sensor: No need for manual operation. This solar lantern has an automatic sensing function that senses the light level and turns it on or off accordingly.

Energy saving: The light runs on solar energy and lasts about 6-8 hours after each full charge. You can charge it during the day with solar power and enjoy the bright light at night. No need to plug in or worry about batteries.


Size: 13.1 inches
Function: Decoration, Ambient lighting
Power source: Using solar energy (no electricity required)
Bulb: LED light with flame effect
Applicable to: Garden, outdoor, camping, indoor
Waterproof rating: IP6 waterproof level
Anti-rust: Treated to prevent rust
Materials: PVC, Metal


1* LED Solar Garden Hanging Decorative Light: Hot Air Balloon Shape