🏓 Jumping Ball Table Game


Most Challenging Puzzle Game

Drop the phones, crack a beer (or whatever you are into) Enjoy the moment with family or friend

How To Play
This is a game for 2-4 players. Draw a card and throw the ball onto the game board according to the pattern on the card. Whoever completes the pattern on the card first wins.

Addicting Fun
Raise the stakes, have enough wine ready for your friend to sleep in until tomorrow. Please note that minors are not allowed to drink alcohol, have them sing a song? or take care of the chores, Haha!!!

Fun For All Ages
Simple and fun, release stress. No one can resist the crisp sound of bouncing balls, and exercise hand-eye coordination in one victory after another. 


Eco-Firendly Material
 Our bouncing balls are made of ABS environmentally friendly plastics which is harmless to human body. 


Card + Plastic ball (blue*4 and yellow*4) + Tray + Game tray