🧺 Multi-Purpose Retractable Basket For The Sink


🥰 Multi-Purpose Retractable Basket For The Sink - an innovative solution to save space in your kitchen!

🌷 The smart design enhances tidiness and organization in the family kitchen, providing added convenience for washing vegetables and dishes without occupying much space. Moreover, it can be effortlessly folded when not in use.

🌷 Multi-functional versatility: Hang it across the sink or use it as a basket to drain dishes or wash vegetables and fruits. After cleaning, simply place it on top to allow for efficient draining.

🌷 Widely adaptable: Equipped with stainless steel sliders, it can be easily adjusted to fit different basin sizes or accommodate various arrangements on the sink.

🌷 High-quality materials: Crafted from stainless steel and premium ABS plastic, it boasts durability and the ability to withstand substantial weight.

🌟 Instructions for Use

The small yet pivotal design feature is the small rotating screw on the side of the drainage grid. After adjusting the width, ensure the screw is tightened to guarantee the dish drying rack remains undisturbed and securely placed in the sink. 

🌟 Product Size

Medium (M): 17(W) * 9(H) cm / 6.7(W) * 3.5(H) inches.

Large (L): 22(W) * 9(H) cm / 8.7(W) * 3.5(H) inches.

It can be extended from 11.81 inches long to 19.68 inches long.  With adjustable bars it adapts to expand for use at the counter, in the sink or on the sink.