🧤🚿 Super Soft Exfoliating Bath Mitt

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Easily exfoliate and deeply clean your skin!


Soft material: Our bath gloves are made of high-quality material, soft and skin-friendly, do not scratch the skin, reusable, and durable.

Good performance: Double-sided exfoliating towels can help you remove dirt, grease, and impurities from all over your body, leaving your skin soft and shiny, suitable for cleaning hands, feet, chest, and back.

Smart design: Glove-style opening design makes it easy to slip off without lifting your hand. One size fits most hand shapes, unisex.

Wide range of applications: Double-sided exfoliating towel gloves can help you remove dirt, oil, and impurities from the whole body, leaving the skin soft and shiny, suitable for cleaning hands, legs, chest, and back.

Instructions for use: Before starting use, soak the body and gloves and make sure it is completely wet. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE ABOVE SOAPS. Then squeeze all the water out of the glove and rub the body with a little pressure. Go up and down AND to the other side. It works great and removes all your dead skin. Be careful not to use them on your face to avoid unnecessary harm.


Size: 13.5*19.5cm

Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green

Material: PVA sponge

Package includes

1× Soft Shower Gloves