✏🧱 Compact Multi-tool Carpenter's Pencil Set


The compact multi-tool carpenter's pencil set is a versatile and convenient addition to your home repair tool kit.


🔄 Flexible Adjustability: Easily change the shape according to your needs by adjusting the tightness of the pencil holder and nut, achieving various shapes for different requirements. It can be securely locked in place after each adjustment to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

✨Compact design: The product is compact, lightweight, can fit in a pocket. Unique design with belt clip makes it easy to carry and store.

✅ Durable material: Made from high-quality aluminum alloy with anodized surface treatment, extending the life of the product.

⚙ Versatile: This multi-function tool offers more than 15 marking applications, including tasks such as tiling, flooring, stud walls, gables, cladding, paneling, shop fitting and built-in furniture .


Material: Plastic base/alloy base

Color: Regular version

Pen weight with plastic base: 50g

Pen weight with alloy base: 170g

Size: 1633CM