✨🧹🚪 Window Track Cleaning Brush Set (2Pcs/Set)


Is the accumulation of dust and dirt in the window grooves causing discomfort?
Do not worry! The window track cleaning brush set is here to help you remove them.


✨ Smart design:
With a fixed brush head design with a small, thin brush pad and equipped with grooves, it makes it easy to reach into gaps and clean every nook, cranny, baseboard, wall, narrow space or cracks in your house. The compact design and comfortable handle make it easy to hold, requiring little effort while still ensuring quick and thorough cleaning.

👌 Durable material:
Crafted from high-quality PP polypropylene material, this brush is durable, flexible, soft and wear-resistant.

🌟 Wide applications:
Ideal for kitchens, windows and doors, these brushes excel at removing grease and dirt from various surfaces, including window crevices, shutters, vents, Sliding doors, shower doors, refrigerators, keyboards and sinks.

🥰 Easy to use:
You can clean with a dry or wet brush. For stubborn stains, dip the brush in cleaning solution or use a dry brush before scrubbing.


Material: PP + scouring pad
Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.6" x 1"

1 x Window track cleaning brush set