😻 Fixed Comb for Self-Grooming Cats


😻 Fixed comb for self-grooming cats - Cat-friendly grooming solution.


🎠 Fixed Structure: This grooming brush has a fixed and stable design, making it a convenient addition to areas your cat frequents. Whether mounted on a wall, furniture, or a designated cat space, the comb stays in place, allowing your cat to enjoy a spontaneous grooming session whenever they want.

😸 Cat-Friendly: Durable and flexible brush helps keep your cat's coat soft and tangle-free, capturing loose hairs as they groom themselves. Soft plastic bristles ensure a gentle massage, providing an enjoyable and painless grooming experience for your beloved pet.

✨ Durable and easy to clean: Crafted from durable materials, the fixed comb ensures longevity, withstanding your cat's frequent use. Cleaning is easyβ€”just remove loose bristles from the holder and the brush is ready to use again.

πŸ‘Œ Easy Installation: Designed for simplicity, the comb can be easily mounted on flat walls or angled surfaces at the height your cat is most comfortable with. An adhesive strip is included and replacement screws can be installed (screws not included).


Materials: Plastic

Color: Pink/Gray/Dark Blue/Light Blue


User manual


Teach your cat to use it:

πŸ‘€ Look and smell: Allow your cat to examine and smell the brush for a few minutes.
🧹 Grooming brush: Gently brush your cat's body with a self-grooming tool to get them used to the feeling of touch.
😍 Add some catnip: Enhance attractiveness by adding catnip to the internal compartment of your self-groomer.
βš™ Installation and instructions: Install the brush in a frequently visited area, then instruct your cat to gently rub the brush, teaching them an interesting self-grooming habit.


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