Dip Clip Bowl Plate Holder (4 Pcs/ Set)


🍟They come in handy a lot!


🍟Sauce holder Useful Food, Salad,Sauce,Tomato paste Dip Bowls: Be designed with a clip,can be caught in the bowl and disc edge.

🍟Works on most plates,including paper plates,fun-to-use bowls,ideal for outdoor camping,party,dinner,picnics or at the beach,living room.

🍟Convenient and durable to use, easy to clean: Easy carry with plate, easy store in kitchen drawer,cute with 4 color make dining more pleasure for kids

🍟Necessary Tableware for home or restaurant: Small container bowls make serving sauces & condiments at your next party or event,ultra-convenient.

🍟 It is convenient alternative to hold any liquid or small crafty items - not only for food.


Size: 7.5*5*3.5cm.

Material: PP

Package Includes:

Dip Clip Bowl Plate Holder(4 Pcs/Set)*1