Fix Zip Puller (6Pcs/Set)


Don’t Let Zipper Troubles Slow You Down!

  • The easy-to-use Fix Zipper will save you from the frustration of split zippers, broken sliders, and missing teeth. Whether it’s your jeans, pants, coats, or any other items with zippers, this versatile tool will come to the rescue!

Detachable Design for Quick Installation

  • No more struggling with tools or removing wires! Our Fix Zipper comes with a detachable design for quick and hassle-free installation. Get your zipper back on track instantly!

Universal Solution for Common Zipper Problems

  • With a success rate of 99% on common zipper issues, you can count on our Fix Zipper to handle all types of zippers on the market. From regular zippers to reverse and invisible zippers, it works like magic, providing a durable and practical solution.

Built to Last with Stainless Steel Material

  • Crafted with high hardness stainless steel, our Fix Zipper is corrosion-resistant and ensures that a bad zipper won’t delay your daily routines or trips!

Various Zipper Sizes Included

  • The package contains a variety of zipper sizes, ensuring you have the perfect match to carry out any repair job.

Safe Materials for Peace of Mind

  • Made of safe and reliable materials, our Fix Zipper provides a secure solution without compromising on quality.

Modern Design for Easy Usage

  • Designed to start in the middle of a zipper and zip forward and backward, our Fix Zipper is incredibly easy to use. No tools are required, making it convenient for quick fixes anytime, anywhere.


  • Color: Black
  • Size: 1.3 × 3.6 × 1.1 cm (L)/ 1.3 × 3.4 × 1 cm (M)/ 1 × 2.8 × 0.85 cm (S)

Package included

  • 2 * big zippers
  • 2 * central zippers
  • 2 * small zippers