👸 Flying Fairy Lovable Fairy Toy


 👸 Your little girl dreamed of being a princess? WOW, Good news, Flying Fairy Lovable Fairy Toy can turn her dream into reality!

Top Three Features
✅ Motion Sensing - Control with Your Hands. 
✅ Built-in Rechargeable Battery.
✅ Magically Twirls & Dances in Air.
Discover The Real Magic Of Fairies

💃Do you want your girl to see a magic flying fairy?
Turn a young girl’s dreams into reality as they watch Flutterbye Fairy Toy effortlessly dance through the air. Flutterbye Fairy Toy gracefully glides across the sky guided only by the hands of young girls.

She is not only magical but also majestic! Dressed in dazzling attire. There’s never been a more magical experience. The magic is in your hands with the charming flight of Mommytodd Flying Fairy Toy.


The Magic Is In Your hand
Guide her movement as she floats just inches over the palm of your hand. Raise your hand gently and she will fly higher. Lower your hand and she will follow your lead.

Twirls & Dances On Air
Your child's imagination will soar as the Flying Toy spreads her glittery wings and “magically” twirls and dances in a beautiful molded dress through the air. This Fairy is ready for fairytale fun.

Perfect Toy For Your Princess
It's a truly enchanting experience magically created for your princess. Thousands of children around the world have enjoyed playing with Fairy Toy. She will be perfect for your child (or you!).

Safe & Fun For Children
Fairy Princess is very lightweight and made from safe materials. For indoor flights only. No batteries are required (USB Charge).


Size: 16 x 19 cm
Weight: 90g
Motion Sensor Range: 4-40 inches
Charging Method: USB



1 x Fairy Toy
1 x USB Charging Cable