🎮 Entertaining Game Machine With Buttons And Music, Featuring Multiple Levels.



Train memory and reflexes: This product integrates attractive games to help children practice logical thinking and creativity. In addition, it also helps relax the mind and reduce stress after stressful studying hours.

4 exciting game modes: Breakthrough Mode and Memorization Mode - Memorize random bright bubbles and tap the bubbles quickly and accurately to pass each level, if you tap wrong it's game over. Multiplayer mode - Supports timed challenges and PK levels. Each mode has different difficulty levels, helping to train children's reaction speed and memory, competitiveness and cooperation

Safe Material and Excellent Design: Made of high-quality silicone, the balloon is durable and resistant to breakage. The ergonomic design ensures that even prolonged use does not cause hand discomfort. The portable size allows for convenient gaming anywhere, and the volume can be adjusted or muted.

Gift: This is an excellent gift for children, teenagers, and even adults. Come and experience the joy of competition together.


Age: 3+

Material: High-quality plastic + silicone

Dimensions: 10.8×6×13cm / 27.4"×2.4"×5"


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