✨🐾 Versatile Electrostatic Hair Removal Roller


🐾 Versatile Electrostatic Hair Removal Roller – Your Solution to Pet Hair and Lint Woes!


Compact, Convenient, and Economical Design: Operating this roller is simple and doesn't require batteries, power, or tape. Just roll the drum back and forth to effortlessly remove hair and lint. With its compact size, it's convenient for users of all ages.

Wide Application: Perfect for removing pet hair and fluff on furniture, upholstery, blankets, clothes, and more.

Easy to Clean: Equipped with a waste compartment that can be easily opened and emptied by pressing the release button, making it ready for use again.

High-Quality Materials: Built with an ABS body, PP drum, and nylon ritual brush, ensuring the continued sturdiness and stability of the hair removal device.


Material: ABS
Color: Random
Size: 19.5 * 19.0 * 7.0cm
Weight: 0.16kg


1 * Versatile Electrostatic Hair Removal Roller