✨🧡 Hand Sewing Needle Threader


😌 Tired of the needle threading struggle?

🌈 Introducing the Hand Sewing Needle Threader - your sewing project's perfect companion!


🧐 Easy Threading: Our needle threader turns needle threading into a quick and easy task. No more squinting or straining!

🀏 Anti-Slip Design: The uniquely shaped handle ensures a secure grip, making it comfortable to hold with one hand and preventing slipping. An ideal and practical gift for sewing enthusiasts.

🧡 Compact and Portable: Carry it in your sewing kit or bag. The compact size ensures you have it whenever you need it.

βœ… Wide Application: Designed to smoothly work with various hand sewing needle sizes, making it perfect for most sewing jobs. It's also suitable for threading sewing machine needles.

βŒ› Save Time: Bid farewell to time-consuming needle threading on intricate sewing projects. Spend more time being creative and less time struggling with threading needles.


Materials: Plastic

Weight: 1.2g

Color: Random

Size: 4.1*2cm


10 /30/50*Hand sewing needle threader