🚿🌷 Automatic Drip Irrigation Device (3Pcs/ Set)


Automatic Drip Irrigation Device - Effortless Plant Hydration.

Make plant care a breeze with the Automatic Drip Irrigation Device, a smart solution that provides consistent and controlled drip irrigation for your precious plants.


🌿 Efficient Drip System: The device is equipped with a control valve to regulate the drip rate. Customize the flow rate to meet the needs of your plants, offering a flexible watering schedule for 3-15 days or more. Ideal for various crops or specific soil moisture requirements.

⏰ Time-Saving Convenience: Bid farewell to the daily manual watering routine. This device automates the watering process, saving you time and ensuring your plants receive regular care, even when you're away.

🌺 Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of settings, including potted plants, hanging baskets, flower beds, garden beds, and tabletop pots. Perfect for busy individuals on vacation or business trips who may not have time to tend to their plants.

🛠️ Easy Setup: Setting up the automatic drip irrigation device is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps:
1) Fill a bottle with water
2) Install the plant waterer to the filled bottle
3) Insert the control valve into the plant waterer
4) Make lot of holes at the bottom of the bottles or cut it.
5) Place the plant waterer into the soil surrounding your plant


Materials: Plastic

Adjustable Flow: Yes

Color: Blue, Green



3Pcs/ Set