Super Wooden Mechanical Model Puzzle Set



Steam Train (degree of difficulty:⭐⭐⭐)

Don’t just be a trainspotter, become a train owner!

This form of transport has been with us for hundreds of years, but as any fan will tell you, the appeal of trains is far greater than mere transport.

The clickety-clack track. The countless journeys of thousands of people.

The wind rushes past you as the express service screams through your station and waves you goodbye.


Military Jeep (degree of difficulty:⭐⭐)

Build your own working open-top military Willys jeep – Enjoy the process of watching your very own military Willys jeep.

High level of realism – From the internal combustion engine to its Cardan shaft and semi-axle shafts, this model is designed with inspiration from an actual military Willys jeep.


Heavy Duty Truck (degree of difficulty:⭐⭐)

The truck is inspired by road transport trucks dating back to the 19th century.

The characteristics of the vehicle at that time were perfectly copied into the miniature model with a detailed structure.


Grand Prix Car (degree of difficulty:⭐⭐)

Let our models lead you to the epic history of vehicle advancement.

Self-assemble, scale model, a replica of classic vehicles, detailed structures.

What a fascinating thing to see the mechanical miracle coming to life with your own hands.

Different from the traditional jigsaw puzzle, there are many reasons why the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is a great idea – here are a few of them:


No glue required


Support mix-and-match

Rewarding challenge

Ideal gift and home decor


Unique Mechanical 3D Puzzle, laser-cut plywood material, smooth wooden board.

All pieces are pre-cut, and no glue is needed.

The interlocking mechanisms are pretty ingenious.

Wooden mechanical gear toy is powered by manual winding to propel itself.

Follow the user manual provided in the brain teaser DIY puzzle, and you will be able to install it.

Making this mechanical model toy requires not only attentiveness but also patience.


Steam Train

Model Size (Assembled): 307 x 67 x 82 mm

Assembly Time: 6H

Military Jeep

Model Size (Assembled): 189 x 99 x 89 mm

Assembly Time: 4H

Heavy Duty Truck

Model Size (Assembled): 224 x 73 x 100 mm

Assembly Time: 4H

Grand Prix Car 

Model Size (Assembled): 189 x 80 x 60 mm

Assembly Time: 3H

Package includes

3D Wooden Mechanical Puzzle*1 (your choice)

Gift Box*1