Mobile phone seat – Phone & Cup Holder


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BE HANDS-FREE with Mobile phone seat.

Why buy one when you can get two at a discount! One for your car and the other for your boat, golf cart or anywhere you have a cup holder.

Do you throw your phone in your cup holder when driving? Need a better solution? Try Mobile phone seat!

Mobile phone seat fits snugly in any standard cup holder, allowing you to be hands-free while still using your cup holder. It's an amazingly simple cell phone holder you'll want to use during every drive!

  • THE HASSLE-FREE, PHONE & CUP HOLDER: Fits in your cup holder, while giving you access to your cup holder & charging port. Simple & sturdy one-piece design with no magnets, suction cups, hinges, or moving parts.

  • VERSATILE: Flexes to fit cup holder between 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Fit most phones, with or without cases & accessories, and allows phones to be mounted horizontally or vertically. 

  • SIMPLE, INGENIOUS DESIGN: With no moving parts or hinges, making it very sturdy & easy to use. Just take it out of the packaging, pop it in any cup holder and you’re good to go.
  • EASY TO USE: Integrated tab keeps phone securely mounted, without complex locking mechanisms, and is ingeniously designed so you can easily & instantly take phone out or put it in the Mobile phone seat anytime with just one hand.
  • DOESN’T GET IN THE WAY: Mobile phone seat is the first cell phone holder that doesn’t block your windshield, dashboard, vents or cup holder. There are also no magnets, stickers, suction cups, screws, or hinges to tighten or adjust.

Plus, it makes a GREAT GIFT!

  • Fits Any Phone, Even Phones with Cases
  • Fits Standard Cup Holders 3" to 4" Wide
  • Easy to Put In and Take Out
  • Holds Phone Vertical or Horizontal
  • Power Cord Access

WARNING: Once you try it you can't drive without it!