Picture Hanging Tool



Hang Your Pictures In Seconds!

Stop Guessing Where you should place the nail and get it right from the first try.

Trying to hang multiple frames and aligning them can take a lot of time. 

Now using a built-in leveler and marking pins, you know where each nail should go. 


  • It makes all End Results look right and Perfect. 

  • It works on all kinds of frames, whether you want to hang large or small frames. 

  • It Eliminates all frustration and the regrets you had before after you hang frames. 


  • Material: Plastic

Accessories Box Includes:

  • 2pcs: 1- 1/2'' Sawtooth Hook 
  • 2pcs: 50lb Picture Hook
  • 4pcs: 30lb Picture Hook
  • 6pcs: 10lb Picture Hook
  • 10pcs: Screw eye
  • 4pcs: 1-1/2'' Half round head nail
  • 11pcs: 1'' Half round head nail
  • 8pcs: 1/2'' Half round head nail
  • 1pc: 3.3Ft Iron wire


  • Option 1: 1 * Picture Hanging Tool 
  • Option 2: 1 * Picture Hanging Tool  + 1 * Set of Picture Hanging