Automobile multi-function polishing machine


The operation is simple and easy, making heavy work fun.

Solve a variety of waxing problems at one time, the product is equipped with plush polishing disc, orange waxing sleeve, dust brush disc, 80-grit sandpaper, 320-grit sandpaper.

Not only suitable for cars, but also for home use, such as floor waxing, metal descaling, furniture waxing, jade polishing, etc.

100W high-power two-speed adjustable polishing machine with a maximum motor speed of 1800RPM, ideal for waxes, sealants and glazes.

Adopt all-copper high-performance engine to easily complete waxing and polishing work.

No winding, free and convenient control, small size and light weight, easy to carry and store, can be easily placed in every corner, and will not take up too much space for you.

Easy to operate, ladies can use it easily, it is a good partner for your car.

4000mAh high-capacity battery, built-in 2 2000mAh batteries can last up to 45 minutes for long battery life, which can bring you long service life and save time cost


1. Check whether the waxing machine has sufficient power.
2. Coat a thin layer of wax on the sponge plate.
3. Turn on the power switch of the waxing machine.
4. Waxing evenly on all surfaces of the car.
5. Wipe off excess wax with a towel.
6. Replace with another sponge plate for polishing.


Name: Multifunctional wireless waxing machine
Material: ABS
Maximum power: 100W
Motor speed: 18000rpm
Rotation speed of polishing disc: 2250rpm
Battery capacity: comes with 2000mAh lithium battery
Working time: 1-2 hours
Function: sanding, waxing, polishing, brush dust removal
Polishing disc size: 11cm / 4.33"
Size: 16 * 13cm / 6.3" * 5.1"
Color: black + orange