💧 Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water Mat Infants



When brightly coloured toys are floating around baby, your baby will try to grab and pat them.

Watch your baby enter our aquarium wonderland with eyes wide open, captivated by the vibrant colours and cute floating toys. Rain or shine, it’s tummy time for baby!

This water splash pad play mat is constructed from Heavy Duty PVC that has been thoroughly tested and will Not Leak air or water Period That is our Goal or your 

The splashin’kids water fill playmat is an essential tool for developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles as well as honing hand eye coordination fine motor and social skills It is a sensory delight that enhances brain development

Just fill the outer ring with air, fill the inner pad with the level of tap water you want, put it on the floor and let the fun begin!

Features a spacious play space designed to keep your boy or girl’s interest entertained Product measures 26 inches wide by 20 inches high by 2.5 inches tall Six brightly coloured toys inside each mat.